Bluebird Group + Tangletown Farm

The Bluebird Group, owned and run by Sue Bette, is made up of three fabulous entities: a tavern, a barbeque joint, and a coffee hub. Bluebird restaurants are proud to offer seasonal ingredients grown, foraged, caught and crafted by their friends in Vermont and New England.

Location: Burlington, VT

Chef: Sue Bette

Why are Lila Bennett and Dave Robb farmers?

“We want to do something that feels important and makes the world better,” says Lila, who owns and operates Tangletown Farm in West Glover with Dave, her partner. “We also want to show our (three) kids that you can do something you love with success – that they should try to make it work, no matter what, as long as they can.”

Lila and Dave believe factory farming is harmful, so at Tangletown Farm, they raise free-range chicken, duck, guineahen, turkey, pasture-raised pork, grass-fed beef, lamb, and rabbit. Their meat is antibiotic-and-hormone-free, and they sell eggs. They also manage a CSA at Tangletown Farm.

Lila also says that she and Dave enjoy the challenges that come with farming. Making money is difficult on their scale, Lila says, because they cannot compete with factory farm prices, so it can be difficult to educate the public about why Tangletown Farm’s products are better.

“But we feel good about it, too,” Lila says. “There’s nothing like working hard in the sunshine all day and watching our animals thrive. It’s worth it. When you’re tied to a farm, you have no freedom, yet our family has freedom. We all eat breakfast together every day. It’s rewarding.”

Tangletown Farm’s partner for WYSIWYG is Bluebird Barbecue, in Burlington. Tangletown Farm has supplied mea to Bluebird Barbecue previously.

“They can take any meat product and make it delicious and presentable,” Lila says. “They are the best at cooking and preparing meat, and this festival is about the best of the best, so we wanted to work with them.”

Lila is reticent about the menu that Tangletown Farm and Bluebird Barbecue have prepared for WYSIWYG, but festivalgoers can expect pork and chicken.

“It’s going to be one of the best pork and chicken dishes anyone will ever taste,” Lila says.

Location: W. Glover, VT

Farmer: Lila Bennett and Dave Robb