Misery Loves Co. + Butterworks Farm

Owned by Laura Wade, Nate Wade, and Aaron Josinski, Misery loves company is a new highlight of the Vermont restaurant scene and uses the best local ingredients paired with strong influences from the American South and Asia to create some of the best food around.

Location: Winooski, VT

Chef: Aaron Josinsky, Nate Wade, Laura Josinsky

Anne and Jack Lazar, of Westfield’s Butterworks Farm, are thrilled that Misery Loves Co., of Winooski, is theirrestaurant partner at WYSIWYG.

Anne says the cooks at Misery are “the most creative in the Burlington area.” They love to experiment with all varieties of local farm products and will take even the most simple farm staple, such as corn and butter, and craft a delicious dish that surpasses expectations and imagination.

“They love food in a way that not many other people do,” Anne says. “It’s not a job. It’s creativity for them. And we share their enjoyment of good and delicious food.”

The Lazars have been making organicyogurt and other dairy products from their herd since they established Butterworks Farm in the late 1970s. From the start, they wanted to know theorigins of their food, and, at that time, as Anne Recalls, there were two options outside the corporate structure: grow your own, or buy from neighbors.

The Lazars’ goal was and still is to produce delicious, organic, nutrient-dense food for themselves, their regular customers, and any other potential ones.

Three generations of Lazars now work at Butterworks Farm. They love to tend to the Earth, be good stewards of the land, and care and nurture for their crops and animals, as they watch both grow and blossom. Jack Lazar’s focus is to nurture the soil first.

“It’s really where we start,” Anne says.

Farming is not a lucrative way of life, Anne says, but her family finds other riches in the quality of life that farming gives them.

“This way of life has nurtured our family, too,” she says.

Location: Westfield, VT

Farmer: Jack and Anne Lazor