WYSIWYG picks the farmer, the farmer picks the chef and then we all win with lip-smacking all-star menus prepared by duos of Vermont’s best Farmers, Chefs, and Food Makers.

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Vermont is the epicenter of the food movement in America and we are proud to be the first state in the nation to mandate GMO labeling on our food. What You See Is What You Get. Vermonters of all stripes are creating the new agrarian economy that is producing healthy unadulterated food for us all. By continuing to support our local farmers and food producers we create the working landscape that leads to a truly sustainable economy and a vibrant food system that benefits everyone. WYSIWYG has chosen Vermont farmers, food makers and chefs who are making the delicious differences we need in our food system in order to thrive and it is with incredible delight that we form these partnerships. The WYSIWYG Festival proudly celebrates and supports these people, their hard work, and this movement.

We've curated an incrdible mix of butchers, brewers, parades, jokesters, demos, speakers, farmers, doers, entertainers and more to create opportunities to learn, see, laugh, and ponder from morning until night.


Burlington Students Foundation is helping us hand pick the little ones with the biggest musical chops in VT to form the supergroup that’ll open our show up both days!

Cooking in the Cave

If you can’t find them tearing it up on the main stage or heading up a lively parade then stop on by our cookhouse tent to catch Moon Hooch whipping up even more love with their cooking demos focusing on … Continued

Food Truck Rally

ArtsRiot brings the goodness of their weekly Truck Stop food truck rally to WYSIWYG! Together we’ve put together a delection-derby of Vermont Food Trucks to come out and fuel you up with the local ingredients…trucked straight from the farm to … Continued

Local Craft Brewery Tent

Featuring brewtastic programming that taps into the minds of the best brewers, distributors, and educators to bring you the ‘how to’ of home brewing, building a brewery, cask barrel aging and more! Vermont boasts some of the top breweries in … Continued

Farmstead Tent

Our friends at Healthy Living proudly bring us a place to learn about, hear from, and talk to the people who live at the core of our mission: the farmers of Vermont. Vermont leads the way in farmers markets per … Continued

The Garden

Our green-thumbed friends at Gardener’s Supply are giving us the goods to transform the landscape of Burlington College into one sprouting with whimsy and natural beauty as well as lining up a top notch group from the world of gardening … Continued

The Roast

Our chef friend Eric Warnstedt of Hen of The Wood knows his way around his meats. Lucky for us he’ll be out in the meadow for a few hours on both days at WYSIWYG showing it off, putting in the … Continued

Seated Eaters Society

Book early to make sure you score a seat at one (or more!) of our seated meals in the Garden. Take a break from the hubub and come relax and enjoy one of these stellar ‘can’t get it anywhere else’ … Continued

Coffee Klatch

Join us at our lake-front coffee joint to get your caffeine and your learn on. The coffee house will feature the talented and ever so wired guest baristas from the best of the Burlington coffee scene. Cruise on by for … Continued


Neci head honcho Jean-Louis Guerin and the team of culinarily-blessed up and comer students bring their perfectly pleated tocques, diamond sharp knives, refined palates and top notch kitchen skills out to the hungry crowd at WYSIWYG. Bypass the cooking channel … Continued


The Lunchbox is a mobile farmers’ market and commercial kitchen that brings locally grown food and food-based education to communities in northern Vermont. The truck’s mission is to improve access to healthy foods, provide a reliable outlet for farmers, expand … Continued

George Woodard

For a while there George Woodard thought he was going to be a Hollywood star. A call from his dear old dad and news of the sale of the family farm changed all of that and since then he has … Continued

Sweets and Treats

We’re not really sure what kind of Vermont food festival would be complete without a palate-whetting array of cheeses, maple syrup, cider doughnuts, creemees, kettle corn and the like. Could we even really call ourselves Vermont snack-o-philes if we didn’t … Continued

Featuring more than 16 of Vermont’s finest craft brews, a tasting event and daily showcases and programs hosted by the brewers.

The Art of Making an Amazingly Psychotropic Ale from Local Flora

Zero Gravity Craft Brewery presents: Learn about and experience the history, process and characteristics of our Medieval-style beer, Gruit Ale. An interactive presentation that will include tasting and food-pairing.

Drop In Brewing Presents: Beer and Food, Pairing and Cooking Basics

This session will introduce the basics of pairing food and beer. We’ll discuss the primary flavor components in beer and how they compliment or contrast with different foods. We’ll finish with a couple recipe ideas to bring beer into the … Continued

Bees & Beer

What do honeybees and beer have in common? Join brewer and beekeeper Brian Eckert, owner of Four Quarters Brewing and VT Queen honey, for a discussion about honeybees, beer ingredients, and a sample of honey saison.

Delicious impact on the local palate and the local apple industry

Citizen Cider presents: A truly local beverage that is working with a challenged agricultural segment, to bring a delicious beverage that you can feel great about. Learn about the farm to bottle process and the various intricacies of our industry … Continued

Saving the Earth, One Beer at a Time

How Magic Hat and Purpose Energy are turning brewing waste into renewable energy. Todd Hasselbac from Purpose Energy, along with Chris Rockwood, head brewer at Magic Hat Brewing Company explain how the Anaerobic Digester at Magic Hat works along with … Continued

Vermont Cheese & Beer Pairing

Vermont is known across the United States as a destination for craft beer and artisanal cheese. Come join other cheese and beer enthusiasts as we explore the flavor and texture combinations of Vermont cheese and beer. Attendees will explore a … Continued

More to be announced

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
- J.R.R. Tolkien


“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”
- François La Rochefoucauld